Mathorn MTC-5xx series

5 meter tethering cables

Tethering cables

Stable connection

Mathorn cables are first and foremost an accessory that gives fast and stable data transfer between camera and computer. Each product prototype was subjected to multiple laboratory and practical tests during photo shoots, using cameras from leading manufacturers and the most popular tethering applications.

This resulted in USB cables that ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation on set, even during intensive use.


MTC-500 / MTC-500M

USB-A - USB-C 90°

MTC-501 / MTC-501M


MTC-510 / MTC-510M

USB-C - USB-C 90°

MTC-511 / MTC-511M

USB-A - USB Micro B

MTC-520 / MTC-520M

USB-A - USB Micro B 90°

MTC-521 / MTC-521M

USB-C - USB Micro B

MTC-530 / MTC-530M

USB-C – USB Micro B 90°

MTC-531 / MTC-531M