The compact V-mount battery with 200 Wh capacity, PowerDelivery 65 W and Smart features

Mathorn MB-V200

Mathorn MB-V200 is one of the most compact and functional V-mount batteries on the market. Its design uses sixteen high-performance LG lithium-ion cells with a total capacity of 14000 mAh and the ability to store energy up to 203.5 Wh. 

Charge Mathorn batteries quickly, safely and conveniently using the V-Mount, D-TAP or USB-C port

In addition to its basic functionality resulting from the presence of a V-mount and two D-TAP connectors, the battery is equipped with two USB ports: type A (Out) and type C (In/Out).

The efficiency, and safety of the device is ensured by a microprocessor BMS system (Battery Management System), and a USB charging module with an OLED display reporting the current battery status.

All this is enclosed in a slim housing measuring only 120x85x75mm and weighing 1020 grams.

Still a V-Mount battery or maybe a power bank?

Regardless of the name used and the purpose, the term “Smart” in the context of the Mathorn MB-V200 battery is entirely appropriate. This compact battery is more than just your typical V-mount battery with D-TAP connectors that we’re familiar with. The presence of USB ports also doesn’t seem surprising until we delve into their specifications. The designers of the Mathorn MB-V200 battery have met the needs of modern users by equipping it with high-power USB ports that support popular fast-charging standards such as QuickCharge 3, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP/SCP, and many more. The USB Type-A port in the battery provides up to 24W of power and is solely used to power other devices. On the other hand, the bi-directional USB Type-C port operates in Power Delivery mode and is designed for both powering other devices and charging the MB-V200 battery itself, with a power of up to 65 watts in both directions.

In the case of the Mathorn MB-V200, you can forget about using a V-mount charger. A bidirectional USB Type-C port operating in PowerDelivery mode will allow you to use this battery as a super-efficient power bank, both in the studio and while traveling. It can be used to charge not only cameras, smartphones, or tablets but even laptops equipped with a USB-C charging function. The battery can be also excellent as a power source for LED lights up to 65 watts. 

The battery allows you to power and charge most laptops on the market, including Apple MacBook Pro.

NOTE: In accordance with the requirements of IATA and most airlines, a battery of this capacity (above 100Wh) can be taken on board a scheduled aircraft as hand luggage only after obtaining the carrier’s consent.

Monitor energy flow with an OLED display

The battery features a monochromatic OLED graphic display with a resolution of 128×64, providing the current battery charge level in the form of a graphical scale, percentage, and cell voltage. Additionally, when a charger or energy receiver is connected to the battery, it displays the approximate time remaining for charging or discharging the battery.

A notable feature is the advanced monitoring function for the status of USB ports using the OLED display. It allows for a preview of the voltage, current, and power drawn from each USB port. This enables the user to better tailor the settings of connected devices to the battery’s performance and extend the operating time, for example, of an LED lamp on a single charge. 

Supported fast charging protocols

USB Type-C:   

PD 3.0 5V/3A 9V/3A12V/3A 15V/3A 20V/3.25A (65W Max)


USB Type-A:   

5V/3.4, 9V/2.6A, 12V/2A (24W Max)


Warranty and safety

The battery’s operational period can involve various usage scenarios, which are not always optimal. For this reason, every Mathorn battery is equipped with all currently used active and passive protections, including overcurrent, overvoltage, short-circuit, and temperature protection. These protections reduce the risk of battery and connected device damage, extending the trouble-free operational period. As a result, each battery comes with a three-year warranty!

Key features

  • light and compact housing;
  • twelve high-current LG cells with a total capacity of 14000mAh and energy of 203.5Wh;
  • two D-TAP connectors (In/Out) with a total rated power of 100W;
  • 65W USB-C In/Out port with fast charging modes, including PowerDelivery (Smart);
  • SMART: 24W USB-A Out connector with fast charging modes (Smart);
  • energy-saving, monochrome OLED display 128×64 (Smart);
  • displaying voltage, current and power drawn from each USB port independently (Smart);
  • hardened battery coating resistant to scratches;
  • battery capacity and current efficiency verified under real load;
  • withstands up to 500 full charge and discharge cycles;
  • microprocessor BMS control module with thermal, current, voltage and overload protection;
  • 3 years warranty.

Technical specification

Parameter Value
Nominal capacity/energy 14000 mAh / 203,5 Wh
Nominal voltage/charging voltage 14.5 V / 16.8 V
Rated power of V-mount & D-TAP In/Out 100 W*
Rated power of USB-A / USB-C Output 24W/65W
Rated power of USB-C Input 65W (PD65W)
Supported fast charging protocols of USB-A   5V/3.4 9V/2.6A 12V/2A
Supported fast charging protocols of USB-C PD 3.0 5V/3A 9V/3A12V/3A 15V/3A 20V/3.25A
Dimensions 120x85x75 mm
Weight 1020 g

* – maximum battery output power when using one D-TAP connector or maximum total power output when using two D-TAP connectors simultaneously