The compact NP-F series battery with USB-C charging and 50 Wh capacity

Mathorn MB-701

Mathorn MB-701 6700mAh 50 Wh USB-C LED is a small but capacious lithium-ion battery equipped with an NP-F connector. Its design uses four high-performance Panasonic NCR18650B lithium-ion cells with a total capacity of 6700 mAh and energy of 50 Wh.

Charge Mathorn batteries quickly, safely and conveniently using the NP-F or USB-C port

The basic functionality of this battery is the NP-F mount that allows you to power devices with a power of up to 50 W. It is perfect for powering devices such as LED panel lights or field monitors.

Battery charging can be done in two ways. Using the NP-F charger with a standard charging current of 3.35 A (28 W) or with quick charge mode with a charging current of up to 6.7 A (56 W). The battery is also equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, which allows you to charge the battery with a current of up to 2.4 A (12 W).

Use Mathorn MB-701 battery as a power bank

The battery can act as a power bank thanks to the USB Type A output with a max power of up to 12 watts (5 V/2.4 A).

Mathorn MB-701

Laboratory-proven quality and long service life

The battery charge status can be checked via the built-in LED indicator.

The NCR lithium-ion technology and safety systems used in Mathorn batteries allow the device to withstand up to 500 cycles of full charge and full discharge. No memory effect and large capacity encourages more frequent, partial recharging of the battery, which significantly extends its service life.

The unique efficiency of the Mathorn battery is the result of our original measurement procedure. We created power profiles of the latest and most demanding cameras available on the market and then selected components that ensure adequate performance. Thanks to this approach, Mathorn batteries work with 99% of accessories using NP-F type power connectors.

Warranty and safety

The service life of the battery is related to various scenarios of its use, which are not always optimal. For this reason, we have equipped each Mathorn battery with all currently used active and passive protections, including overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, and temperature protection. They reduce the risk of damage to batteries and connected devices, extending the period of trouble-free operation. Thanks to this, each battery comes with a three-year warranty!

The most important features

  • high-current Panasonic NCR cells with a total capacity of 6700mAh and energy of 50Wh;
  • output power 50 watts continuous;
  • USB type A output connector 5 V/2.4 A 12 W;
  • USB type C charging connector 5 V/2.4 A 12 W;
  • LED charge indicator;
  • popular and universal NP-F connector;
  • compact size and low weight, only 220 grams;
  • battery capacity and current efficiency verified under real load;
  • withstands up to 500 full charge and discharge cycles;
  • microprocessor BMS control module with thermal, current, voltage and overload protection;
  • 3-year warranty period.

Technical specification

Parameter Value
Nominal capacity/energy 6700 mAh / 50 Wh
Voltage nominal/charging 7,4 V / 8,4 V
Power rating for NP-F mount (const/peak) 50 W/75 W
Output: USB type A 5 V/2.4 A (12 W)
Input: USB type C 5 V/2.4 A (12 W)
Dimensions 71x39x52 mm
Weight 220 g