Standard batteries

Dedicated Mathorn batteries with USB charging function

Standard Batteries

Ready to work under heavy load

4K/8K shooting and video transmission are situations where the camera consumes up to 5 times more energy than in single shooting mode, with live view mode. Demanding working conditions constitute a daily basis of a photographer’s work, as well as the natural environment for Mathorn batteries.

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for Canon camera


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Charge Mathorn batteries quickly, safely, and conveniently using the USB-C port

When choosing Mathorn batteries, you are no longer dependent on having a dedicated charger or access to the power grid. A built-in charging module with a USB-C port is designed to connect the battery directly to a universal USB charger or power bank. This makes the charging process the most efficient and safest for the cells. It is also advisable to consider charging the battery via the USB-C port instead of using the simplest chargers which are not equipped with appropriate protections.

Great for occasional photography

The built-in low-power electronics and the modern chemical formula of NCR cells set Mathorn battery self-discharge rate at 0.5% of capacity per month¹, which makes it an excellent choice, not only for everyday use but also for occasional shooting.

Full compatibility with your camera

Mathorn batteries are designed following the specifications of the latest camera models. Before launching the products, we test their compatibility in terms of mechanical, electronic, and software issues to ensure smooth operation and the best performance possible.