MB-212 Ultimate

battery replacement for Nikon EN-EL15C

Ultimate is a special class of Mathorn brand batteries that represents a long-awaited technological breakthrough in dedicated battery substitutes. The new MB-212 Ultimate model utilizes newly designed high-current cells with a real capacity of 2400mAh. Thanks to improved production technology, this Ultimate-class battery exhibits over a 15% longer runtime compared to the Mathorn battery with a capacity of 2250mAh.

Longer runtime than manufacturer's battery

Mathorn Ultimate batteries are equipped with specially designed high-current cells with a capacity of 2400mAh. The increased capacity makes them not only more efficient than any other alternatives on the market (over 15% longer runtime than standard Mathorn batteries), but also surpasses dedicated manufacturer’s batteries (almost 10% longer runtime).

Ready for heavy-duty use

Mathorn and Mathorn Ultimate batteries are designed for heavy-duty use, making them excellent even for filming in 8K resolution. The Ultimate line takes the declared performance to a higher level, extending camera runtime by up to 21 minutes compared to regular replacements.

Charge Mathorn batteries quickly, safely, and conveniently using the USB-C port

When choosing Mathorn batteries, you are no longer dependent on having a dedicated charger or access to the power grid. A built-in charging module with a USB-C port is designed to connect the battery directly to a universal USB charger or power bank. This makes the charging process the most efficient and safest for the cells. It is also advisable to consider charging the battery via the USB-C port instead of using the simplest chargers which are not equipped with appropriate protections.

Great for occasional photography

The built-in low-power electronics and the modern chemical formula of NCR cells set Mathorn battery self-discharge rate at 0.5% of total capacity per month1, which makes it an excellent choice, not only for everyday use but also for occasional shooting.

Power reserve for your future cameras

The unique efficiency of the Mathorn battery is the result of our original measurement procedure. We created power profiles of the latest and most demanding cameras available on the market and then selected components that ensure adequate performance. Thanks to this approach, once purchased, the battery will remain with you even when you replace the camera with a newer one. 

Distinctly reduced heating during operation

Thanks to modern high-current lithium-ion cells, Mathorn batteries can withstand up to 2 times higher power consumption than conventional cells. Higher efficiency means less battery heat, resulting in reduced camera heating and longer battery life.

Laboratory-proven quality

We want the technical specification of our batteries to coincide with reality, which is why we test each product using modern photographic as well as laboratory equipment. Thanks to that, we can be sure that the product will meet our rigorous standards, as well as your expectation. The declared capacity of our batteries coincides with their effective value (even under heavy load).

Best compatibility with your camera

Mathorn batteries are designed following the specifications of the latest camera models. Before launching the products, we test their compatibility in terms of mechanical, electronic, and software issues to ensure smooth operation and the best performance possible.

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Guarantee and safety

The lifetime of the battery is associated with different scenarios of its use, not always optimal. That is why we have equipped each Mathorn battery with all currently used active and passive protections. They reduce the risk of damage and extend the period of trouble-free operation. To ensure user peace of mind, we provide a 3-year warranty on every battery!

Long service life

The NCR lithium-ion technology and safety systems used in Mathorn batteries allow the device to withstand up to 500 cycles of full charge and full discharge. No memory effect and large capacity encourages more frequent, partial recharging of the battery, which significantly extends its service life.

The most important features

  • operating time under heavy load extended by more than 15% compared to standard Mathorn 2250mAh batteries
  • an average of around 10% longer operating time compared to dedicated batteries from camera manufacturers
  • readiness to work under heavy load when shooting in 8K resolution
  • significantly lower heating level of the battery and camera during filming and image transmission
  • increased battery performance for high-resolution continuous shooting
  • up to 2 times longer battery life with intensive usage
  • 95% more power reserve than required by up-to-date cameras (as of December 2022)
  • capacity and efficiency of cells verified under realistic loads
  • 60% longer cell life compared to low-current batteries
  • very long self-discharge time (below 0.5% capacity per month1)
  • two charging options: with the use of a classic dedicated charger or via a USB-C connector
  • USB-C charging process controlled entirely by the battery (guarantee of efficient and safe charging)
  • battery charging status indicated by LED
  • ability to withstand up to 500 cycles of full charging and full discharging
  • no memory effect
  • thermal, current and voltage protection
  • over-discharge and over-charging protection
  • protection against short circuit and incorrect polarity of the charger
  • protection against inappropriate charging parameters
  • housing made of self-extinguishing V1 material which is resistant to high temperatures
  • 3-year warranty

Technical specification

Parameter Value
Nominal capacity 2400 mAh
Minimum capacity under load 1C 2350 mAh 
Nominal voltage 7.2 V
Maximum charging voltage 8.4 V
Standard charging current 450 mA
Maximum charging current via USB-C 1400 mA
Maximum charging current 17.3 Wh
Energy +0° ~ +40°C
Range of charge temperatures -20° ~ +60°C

1 – the rate of discharging of the battery stored at a temperature below 25°C and humidity up to 60%