Brand: Mathorn

Products: MB-201, MB-211, MB-221


1. The guaranteeing entity.

Sansa Europe sp. z o.o., ul. Wersalska 47/75 91-212 Łódź, NIP: 7272834800, KRS: 0000761180, REGON: 382245501, BDO: 000499493


2. Warranty Service

Sansa Europe sp. z o.o., ul. Wersalska 47/75 91-212 Łódź


3. Territorial scope.

• European Union
• United Kingdom


4. Warranty period.

The warranty for the battery is granted for a period of 36 months from the date of purchase, based on the date on the receipt or invoice.


5. The guarantee includes:

a. Any defects resulting from errors in battery manufacturing, including:
• factory defects in fitting the housing elements and connectors affecting the safety and proper functioning of the battery,
• manufacturing defects of the battery protection system, which, despite the use in accordance with the instruction manual, prevent its correct operation.

b. The loss of more than 10% of actual battery capacity within 1 month of purchase.


6. The warranty does not cover the following:

The following faults are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and their occurrence will also void the warranty:

a. The inability to use or charge the battery due to a too-low state of charge, causing the protection in the battery to be triggered.

b. Malfunction of the battery resulting from:
• liquid flooding,
• mechanical damage of the casing and connectors,
• a short circuit or electrostatic discharge,
• falling from a height of at least 1 meter,
• exceeding the charging and discharging temperatures specified in the specifications
• and other actions that could trigger the protections in the battery and, as a result, prevent its reuse or charging.

c. A battery which casing has been opened and without the original label.

d. A battery that has been damaged as a result of charging with a charger in poor technical condition or not in accordance with the requirements given in the user manual.

e. The loss of battery capacity above 10% of the nominal value as a result of using it inconsistently with the operating instructions, including:
– charging at a temperature other than specified in the instruction manual,
– discharging of the battery at a temperature above 60°C,
– charging with a higher current than specified in the battery specification,
– charging with a voltage higher than that specified in the battery specification,
– long-term battery storage in conditions accelerating its self-discharge.

f. Incurred costs and lost profits resulting from the complaint and battery service process, also in the case of finding that the warranty conditions have not been violated through the user’s fault.


7. Filing a complaint.

a. The basis for considering a product complaint is having proof of the purchase in the form of a receipt or VAT invoice with the date of purchase.

b. In the absence of proof of the purchase, the Service may decide to perform a
warranty repair based on the serial number of the battery, if it is legible.

c. The service reserves the right to charge the person submitting the complaint with the costs of verification in the event of an unjustified notification or in the event of a defect of the product resulting from the improper use of the product.


8. Factory defects of product

In the event of a factory defect covered by the warranty, the user has the right to free repair, and in the event of the impossibility of repair, to replace the product with a new one. In the event of unavailability of a given product model on the market or its withdrawal from sale, the customer may receive a product of similar parameters.


9. Replacement of product

In the case of the replacement of the product with a new one, the warranty period begins on the date of delivery of the new product.