V-Mount batteries

Dedicated Mathorn V-Mount batteries with USB charging function

V-Mount Batteries

Charge Mathorn batteries quickly, safely, and conveniently using the V-Mount, D-TAP or USB-C port

In addition to its basic functionality resulting from the presence of a V-mount and two D-TAP connectors, the battery is equipped with two USB ports: type A (Out) and type C (In/Out).

The efficiency, and safety of the device is ensured by a microprocessor BMS system (Battery Management System), and a USB charging module with an OLED display reporting the current battery status.

Monitor energy flow with an OLED display

The battery features a monochromatic OLED graphic display, providing the current battery charge level in the form of a graphical scale, percentage, and cell voltage. Additionally, when a charger or energy receiver is connected to the battery, it displays the approximate time remaining for charging or discharging the battery.

A notable feature is the advanced monitoring function for the status of USB ports using the OLED display. It allows for a preview of the voltage, current, and power drawn from each USB port. This enables the user to better tailor the settings of connected devices to the battery’s performance and extend the operating time, for example, of an LED lamp on a single charge.

V-Mount battery


V-Mount battery


V-Mount battery